A silky smooth texture with mild lemon and milk chocolate overtones all held together in a fully compostable bag



In 1965 a group of 100 farmers came together in La Florida Cooperative to produce this organic, fair trade, and bird-friendly single origin. Each coffee cherry is hand picked to keep from disturbing wildlife nests. The revenue from their efforts has brought education, infrastructure, credit, and environmental consciousness to the rurle Chanchamayo region of Peru.

Organic Peru Medium Roast 12oz

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  • We've taken great care in finding the most Earth Friendly packaging. Bags may be composted fully without disasembly, including tables and zip lock. We are still searching for fully compostable printer ink, so labels should only be composted for non-food use. 

  • Coffee should be kept in a cool, dry space. Coffee should never be stored in a refrigerator or freezer. It'll go bad faster that way, and you deserve to enjoy every single bean.