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Vagabond Coffee Truck

Vagabond Coffee Truck is a mobile 1949 International Harvester coffee truck based in New England. We serve the finest coffee and teas. Inspired by our history, we look for constant improvement in the future as is evident by the craftsmanship that has gone into our antique truck. Quality above all else is our goal because, we believe that “good enough” is what prevents “great enough.” We have hand-developed a unique system which guarantees you get the freshest, smoothest products every time.

Vagabond Coffee makes all products in-house in small batches to create the freshest and most flavorful beverages. We source all of our ingredients as locally as possible and try to adhere to the 100 mile philosophy when we can, and our coffees and teas are always organic and fair trade. 

Meet The Team


Ethan Whited

Ethan is the co-owner and operator of Vagabond Coffee. He has worked in the coffee world for the last eight years as a friendly neighborhood barista. Whether he’s hiking, biking, or somewhere on the water, Ethan is always in the mood for the best cup of coffee. While adventuring, Ethan noticed the coffee world was restricting itself to the confinements of brick-and-mortar shops. Now, one of his favorite places has always been the cozy and chaotic environment of local chatter and hissy steam wands, but there is something to be said about a high-quality cup of coffee in some of the most obscure and remote places that only Vagabond can provide. 


Helen Harrod Clark

Helen is the co-owner of Vagabond Coffee. The two things Helen prioritizes when she is traveling are 1) where she can run, and 2) where she can find the best cup of coffee. Coffee has a wonderful way of bringing old friends back together, solidifying new friendships, and creating an atmosphere that welcomes all. For these reasons, Helen is passionate about finding new ways to bring a high-quality coffee experience to everyone through the flexibility that Vagabond enables.



The beast that does it all:

Vagabond is a 1949 International Harvester. Currently sporting a Chevy Small Block 350 with a posi-trac rear end. A future hope for this car is to blend modern environmental technology with details and styling of the past. Hopefully installing either a Vegetable Oil run diesel or go pure electric power. Maybe we can harness the power of coffee somehow?? Who knows!

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